holistnick with twig and guitar



I'm a professional web developer and architect. I play a bit of guitar but am obsessed with creating an online debate platform.

You could also call me something of a digital nomad. I have no "home" and live on the road. My travels are eclectic and my own.

My dog, Twig, is my co-pilot. I sometimes call him Goose to emphasize this fact.


Mobile Development Studio

My current focus is in designing and building a development studio that will allow me to travel and engage with developers, journalists, and teachers all over the US.

This studio will allow me to effectively work on projects that I normally wouldn't have the opportunity to. I will get my hands dirty and learn from the best!

Nearly Complete


There are a few ambitious projects I have in the works but need to collaborate with others. For this reason I started OfLiberty.org.

This organization is focused on leveraging technology to protect and expand individual liberty. We're collaborating with journalists, policy makers, tech experts, and many others to bring you these tools.

PA Cannabis Guide Logo

PA Cannabis Guide

Medicial Cannabis has been some of the most life changing policies PA has ever implemented. It's not only changed my life, but that of my friends and family as well. This made for a great first project from OfLiberty.

This revelation drove me to create the PA Cannabis Guide. This project allowed me to take a deep dive in static site generators and progressive web applications in a practical environment.

PA Cannabis Guide Logo


The rediculously named site Meorator! serves as a payment and funding hub for the rest of these endevours. You'll find t-shirts featuring the projects I'm working on as well as some cool goofy swag.

PA Cannabis Guide Logo